2007: Photo Of The Week 
Week 20A Cold Hearted Snake
Week 20
A Cold Hearted Snake
Viewed: 538 times.

Week 19The Legendary Buddy Guy!
Week 19
The Legendary Buddy Guy!
Viewed: 549 times.

Week 18Just Lindsay!
Week 18
Just Lindsay!
Viewed: 562 times.

Week 17The Incredibly Creepy Doll
Week 17
The Incredibly Creepy Doll
Viewed: 509 times.

Week 16The Hotel Room View
Week 16
The Hotel Room View
Viewed: 480 times.

Week 13Tortoise
Week 13
Viewed: 531 times.

Week 12Happy Hollow Vist #2
Week 12
Happy Hollow Vist #2
Viewed: 507 times.

Week 11A Winter Day @ The Beach
Week 11
A Winter Day @ The Beach
Viewed: 518 times.

Week 10Stuck in Traffic
Week 10
Stuck in Traffic
Viewed: 519 times.

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